Why You Should Start Blogging In 2020



Blogging is no longer a strange or new word. It is almost now a household name that many people can relate with. It has been in existence for so long, yet, starting a blog can be difficult for many and still yet, some start a blog briefly and easily give up along the way. Why you should start blogging in 2020 discusses some reasons why you should start blogging in a particular niche today.



An Introduction To Blogging

Why You Should Start Blogging In 2020

How to Start Your Own Blog with WordPress In 10mins

Write Content and Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Why You Should Start Blogging In 2020

 An Introduction To Blogging

Like we all know, blogging has become a very useful tool in pushing out the opinions, interests and life journeys of bloggers to an audience ranging to the millions if not billions who have access to the internet.

Blogging makes it possible for you to come in contact with people from the remotest part of the globe – people you could ordinary not be able to reach. One primary aim of starting a blog is to get people to read your content, your thought process, your technical abilities e.t.c The possibility of getting people to read your blog if done right is very high compared to any era without blogs.

To understand the reach of blogging, imaging you open up a Facebook account and post contents therein. Facebook has over 2 billion users and the possibility to reach millions of users who share a common interest with your content or readers who are looking to solve a pain point with your content is extremely high. This is exactly how blogs work. Most blogs even integrate with many social media websites pushing your content from your blog to your social fan page, thus, increasing the number of people who see your blog post.

Without meaning to sound repetitive, blogging today has evolved from being an ordinary journal or diary where you document your thought for yourself and a few friends to a marketing platform where various people share their ideas of life. It is no wonder why you have technology blogs like wpexplode blog page, political blogs, travel blog, lifestyle blogs and so on. People simply write content on their interest and the whole wide world with needs in these areas visits your website for the latest news, gossips, and solution to everyday problems that they face.

If your blogs have a lot of visits per day and per month, it will not be a surprise to hear advertisers contact you to help them sell their products to your audience. Do you see where this is going?

However, many people feel that creating a website for their blog can be time-consuming and should only be left to the technology-savvy individuals to do. This is no longer the case. Any individual can spin up a website in a fraction of a minute literally without really knowing how to develop websites.

If you, however, want to learn how to develop websites easily, visit this guide that walks you through the initial setup process. We will continue posting articles on how to create themes and plugins for WordPress for those who want to get their hands dirty.

There are many free platforms out there that make this process a breeze e.g WordPress, Joomla, Wix and a bunch of others. So setting up your blog can take as little as $0 as long as you have your domain name and hosting. More on this in a separate blog post.

Just like you do not necessarily need to be a website developer to set up a blog, you also do not need to be a professional writer, a professional chef e.t.c to start a blog. Do you have anything you love doing? Anything of interest? Could it be AV/VR technology? Cooking? Fashion designer? Just spin up a blog post and write about your everyday endeavor. What you have done wrong and the measures you took to correct the problems. Be rest assured that there are many people the world over who need this invaluable information and will be happy to jump onto your blog to get them.


Why You Should Start Blogging In 2020


The number one reason why you should start a blog in 2020 is to make money with your blog.

I am not going to delve too much into this since I am a firm believer that the number one reason to start anything is the passion you have for that thing. At this point, I am believing we already have a passion for the particular niche we want to write about. Next up, is the benefit you get from working hard to put quality content for people around the world to read.

There are a lot of monetization techniques you could employ to make money for your blog. They include but are not limited to :

  1. Sell advertising space on your blog.
  2. Sell your own products on your blog. These products could be digital or information products like ebooks and videos.
  3. Sell other peoples products on your blog. This is called affiliate marketing. It generally involves promoting other peoples products on your blog and linking them to the manufacturer’s page for purchase. Generally, a fraction of the sales will be credited to your account.
  4. Monetize your blog with Google Adsense. More on this at a later post.

To achieve success here and to make a lot of money blogging, requires hard work on your part and consistency.

You need to ensure that your website ranks well on Google and other search engines. Also, you need to make sure you use keywords that people are actually searching for so that when people search for these keywords, the search engine displays your content as part of the result that is displayed to the user.

Keep these points in mind if you want to succeed with your blog:

  • If you create a general website, please add a blog page. Search engines rank websites that are frequently updated up the list and since you will regularly be adding content in your blog, the possibility to rank high is there.
  • Next, link to other pages in your blog and also link to other websites that relate to what you are discussing.
  • In creating your blog, use the most popular blogging platform available out there and that is WordPress. I am not trying to limit you from using other platforms, but WordPress occupies the space here owing about 36% of the world wide web. This is one reason to use WordPress for your blog. You will never go wrong with this decision most especially since WordPress was made initially for bloggers.
  • While blogging, do not be over-opinionated. Give room for others to correct you and take it with a sense of humor but with duty and responsibility. Simply do not get angry about it. Take constructive criticism from your readers and use their inputs to make your blog, product or services much more better.
  • Do not make your blog post too long and do not make it too short either. A blog post with over 600 words in my opinion is good for SEO.
  • Create your own style but write clearly, using carefully constructed words and try to minimize typos and grammatical errors. Remember, an international audience is involved with your blog. You do not want to give them the idea of a person who is unprofessional.
  • Do not copy word for word somebody’s content. I believe the word is plagiarism and you could be sued for it
  • Entertain your audience with text, videos, and pictures if you can.
  •  How to Start Your Own Blog with WordPress In 10mins

Creating your own blog should be a beautiful experience in itself. Simply follow these steps to create your blog in 10mins.

  • Install WordPress from your hosting control panel. Do not know what the control panel is? Do not worry. A latter guide on wpexplode will show you what a control panel is. (2mins)
  • Install a good theme and configure it to represent your identity, personality, and brand. You should use any of the premium themes available like astra theme and elementor page builders.(4mins)
  • Install plugins that can help you with writing content. A good example is the TinyMCE advanced plugin.(4mins)

Do not worry, you could contact wpexplode so we can do this work for you if you are having problems. Like we rightly say, this process is simple and only requires that you follow the right steps to setting up your blog.


Write Content and Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Now that you have setup your blog, the time has come to write and drive traffic to your blog.

You do not necessarily need to be an expert at writing to write content for your blog. Simple grammar that is error-free is sufficient. Also, keep your articles engaging and interesting. Use text, videos, and pictures, infographics in your blog. Do not copy another person’s content. If you do, be sure that search engines will penalize you and you will be nowhere seen in the web. Cruel, right? Well, let’s continue and leave that discussion for another day.

Then publish. Boom!

You will never get seen by the public. This is not magic. It involve work. To avoid this, make sure you take search engine optimization techniques seriously. There are plugins that can help you with basic SEO such as Yoast, RankMath, All in one SEO pack and others.

Research any keywords you plan to use and I recommend making use of long-tail keywords. You could use the keyword anywhere tool to help you with this. Use these keywords in your title, url, image e.t.c.

Register with some popular search engine consoles like google, bing. This action will help these search bots crawl your websites and place them in the search. And if your search engine techniques is good, you will be found on the first page of google and bing within a few weeks.

Finally, be consistent. I cannot overemphasize this point enough. Post 3 or more times each week and stick to the routine.

Note: You should also post to social media pages to get more visibility and direct more people to your blog.

You could also guest post, use quora, Pinterest and others.

This is how far I want to go with this topic ‘why you should start blogging in 2020’ and I believe I have been able to convince you that blogging is a worthwhile career if done right.

Till we meet again, stay safe amid the COVID-19 epidemic.


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