How To Use UpdraftPlus To BackUp WordPress Websites.

How To Use UpdraftPlus To BackUp WordPress Websites.

Backup is pretty much needed these days by all WordPress website owners. This guide ‘How To Use UpdraftPlus To BackUp WordPress Websites’ will show us, step by step how to back up our WordPress website, or offer backup services to our clients.

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Yes, in this guide ‘How To Use UpdraftPlus To BackUp WordPress Websites’, we will discuss:

  • What  backup is
  • Use UpdraftPlus to manually backup WordPress websites.
  • Use UpdraftPlus to automatically backup the website to the cloud.


A Backing up, simply put, is a way of saving a duplicate version or copies of all your website files. This includes your WordPress themes, plugins, and database files. Ordinarily, we can manually copy our WordPress themes and plugin folders to another location and even export the database files to another location. However, how many of us will want to manually have to visit our web server document root directory simply because we want to backup themes and plugin files?. Additionally, if you have a couple of websites under your belt, backing up these websites manually can become a hassle.

It’s important to save your backup to more than one location, probably to your local drive and another to cloud storage like google drive, dropbox e.t.c

How To Use UpdraftPlus To BackUp WordPress Websites – MANUAL BACKUP.

Your website is your asset online. So taking care of it, is of utmost importance.

UpdraftPlus is one of the most trusted WordPress backup solutions out there. It has been installed over 2 million times. You can use UpdraftPlus for a manual backup of your theme files, plugin files, database and you can restore your backups from the WordPress dashboard.

Now go to your WordPress dashboard and hover over plugins. Click on Add new.

add updraftplus plugin

The plugin directory displays. In the search box, type backup. Amongst the first results that display, is the UpdraftPlus plugin. Now click on install now and then activate.

search updraftplus in plugin directory

Now, go to Settings > UpdraftPlus Backups to open the UpdraftPlus backup and restore page.

updraftplus backup page

Simply click on Begin Backup to begin a manual backup of your WordPress website.

Select the folders, files, and databases that you want to be included in the backup and click backup now.


After backing up your files. You can click on the backup to download it to your computer’s hard drive. The backed up files can be found under the existing backup section.

How To Use UpdraftPlus To BackUp WordPress Websites – AUTOMATE BACKUP.

You could backup to google drive, dropbox, amazon s3, and email using the free version while the paid version can also backup to Microsoft One Drive, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform e.t.c

The free version of UpdraftPlus allows you to backup to only one remote location.

Automatic or scheduled backups are important In the event that you forget to manually backup your website. UpdraftPlus, then takes care of the backing up automatically. To configure scheduled backup, click the settings tab on the UpdraftPlus backup page.

Next, select a schedule to be used when backing up the database and files. In this guide, I used Weekly backup, since this setting is right for me. I do all my work on my website during the week and I will like my website files and databases to be sent to a remote location once every week.

scheduled backup

For the remote storage location, select your remote location of choice like dropbox and google drive. I will use google drive because google drive gives me 15G free storage while dropbox gives me a measly 2G free storage location.

Back to our UpdraftPlus settings page. Scroll down, tick the box next to Allow the system to send a basic backup report to email, and then click on  Save Changes.

A link will be presented to you. Please click on this link.


Now select a google account to use. Google will inform you of a request by UpdraftPlus to use your account. Please click on Allow.

google message to allow updraftplus


How To Use UpdraftPlus To BackUp WordPress Websites

Click on complete to finish the setup. The backup will begin to run automatically. Just go to your google drive and view your backed up files.



The backed-up file has the name updraftplus. This is no mistake. When using the free version of UpdraftPlus, you can only save your files with this name. To use a custom name, please upgrade to a premium version of updraftplus.


No backup guide will be complete without a restore guide. The simple purpose of having a backup is to be able to restore it in the case of a hack or data loss.

To restore with UpdraftPlus, simply visit the existing backup section and click on restore.

restore backup


Backing up your website assets is a definite must-do for all website owners. Please do not take this lightly. If you want to backup to multiple locations, change the default name that is used in saving your files to remote storage, migrates your website from one server to another, then investing in the premium version of UpdraftPlus is definitely worth it.

The stress and frustration that can be avoided simply by backing up your website cannot be overemphasized. For now, I will leave you with these words ‘treat backups as if your life depended on it’. Just a thought from one who has been burned from ‘no backups’ in the past.

Please stay tuned to future guides that will show you how to back up without a plugin.

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