A Brief History About WordPress

A Brief History About Wordpress.


A Brief History About WordPress.

WordPress is an opensource CMS, also known as Content Management System, that was licensed under the GPLv2. WordPress makes it very easy for anyone to quickly spin up a website without being a programmer or developer.

This means you all you need to develop a website is to download the free WordPress software, install themes and plugins and boom, you have a website. But wait…not so fast. Let’s find out what makes WordPress so thick.

WordPress is used by about 36% of all websites on the internet. So, yes, you could go ahead and create a website or blog for your business.

But what kind of websites can I build with WordPress? Years ago, WordPress was basically a tool to build blogs only.

But WordPress has evolved with massive changes been made to its core code and a plethora of themes and plugins been developed by the hour, you could use WordPress to build any type of website and even web application ranging from

  • Hotel Websites
  • School management system
  • Restaurant sites
  • Business Websites
  • E-commerce platforms
  • the list is endless.

WordPress was made in 2003 by two great persons, namely, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Today, the founder of Automatic who runs wordpress.org, Matt Mullenweg is the present face of WordPress. WordPress also has a thriving and active community that contributes regularly to the success of WordPress.

A Recap of Why Use WordPress

  • WordPress if free and opensource
  • WordPress is easy to use, flexible.
  • WordPress has a great community so using it for your website is a great idea. If you get stuck, simply visit the community and they will provide help.
  • WordPress can be extended with themes and plugins to build whatever website you want to build. Take that with a pinch of salt.

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

WordPress.org is the self-hosted version of WordPress where you download WordPress and install it on your own domain and hosting.

wordpress pricing


However, wordpress.com is a paid service that is run by wordpress.org. They use the same WordPress software found at wordpress.org but they offer the hosting and other features.

Their pricing starts at $4 at the time of this writing. You can scale your hosting on wordpress.com by upgrading to the more expensive plans with more features if your website traffic and needs increase.

Need more reasons to use WordPress?

We at wpExplode use WordPress on a daily basis. We develop WordPress themes and plugins from the ground up and can help you build your website to standard.


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