5 Best Money Making Services Ideas To Offer Local Businesses

5 Best Money Making Services Ideas To Offer Local Businesses


These ‘5 Best Money Making Services Ideas To Offer Local Businesses’ was specifically written to help you offer local businesses in your area, services that are sort after, but that no one offers them, and then charge them for the services rendered. The only techniques you need to succeed in offering services to local clients is an expertise in your chosen niche and a willingness to continue to learn.

Of greatest importance, is your ability to sell your services to this local business at mouth-watering prices. Trust me, they will pay for your services if you can bring benefits and profits to the table.

Are you ready to get started? Here are the ‘5 Best Money Making Services Ideas To Offer Local Businesses’ in your area in no particular order.

Blog Creation Services:

A very good way to make money while offering services to local businesses is to offer blog creation services to local businesses. I guess you know by now, that a blog is very easy to make and it’s free. You could choose to spend money purchasing premium themes and plugins to create eye catchy beautiful blogs or you can go the free route by developing the themes yourself. Interested? Read all wpexplode blog post to learn how.

If you need to learn how to develop themes and plugins for blogs on WordPress yourself, but do not know how to, simply follow our blog posts or contact us. There are endless possibilities here. If you can create the blogs for your clients, you get to pocket 95% of the service charge. Nice!

While you are at this, do not forget to include the charges for the domain name and hosting into the service charge. Make sure the domain name reflects the type of blog your client will want to be built. Also, enlighten your client as to the benefits of having a blog. The blog will bring in so much traffic and exposure to the client’s business that the client will continue to profit from it for years to come. The more the client profits, the more he will want you to manage the blog.

Major businesses and companies have a page on their website that is a blog. So your client definitely needs a blog.

Your pricing model can vary depending on what you want to achieve. Do you want to get more clients? You could do a very good job with the blog for your client, charge him an average rate and then request that he/she refers you to another business.

The more businesses you have, the more money you make. And remember, there are recurring services and charges that can be made from this business model such as securing the blog, content update and writing, theme, and plugin update, backup and restore and so on. So the ball is in your court. Go out there and get clients for your blog creation services.

Social Media Manager Services:

The third method of making easy cash from offline businesses is to offer social media management services. There are many social media accounts that successful businesses need e.g twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

These accounts boast an average of nothing less than 4 billion users. Facebook, which owns Instagram, has about 2 billion users. You can see why any business that needs to be successful should leverage the power of social media to sell its products and services.

Even wpexplode has a Facebook page. Visit it here.

Social media management involves much more than creating accounts and pages on the most popular social media sites. It also involves creating interactive ads and selling your products, promoting and sensitizing the public on your products and services.

The price you can charge for creating these pages and making them beautiful depends on you. If you will be in charge of ads creation and campaigns, please charge more and more. You can see that this method of selling social media services to offline clients is definitely worth it.

You, however, need to be knowledgeable in this area.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. You could choose to offer these services to clients. This service is so popular and rakes in profits so much that we usually hear of SEO Agencies. They are specialists in offering SEO services to clients.  

You do not need to be afraid.

There are numerous small and medium-sized businesses that may not be able to afford the services of an SEO Agency. This is where you come in.

Your duty here should be to help these local businesses rank their blogs, websites, products, and business on the front page of popular search engines like google and bing.

You could offer on-page SEO and off-page SEO using best practices and not shady means to avoid been blacklisted by these search engines.

Yes, the payout on these services can be very rewarding, so learn to price your services right.

Chat Bot Creation Services:

This is a new kid off the block relatively speaking. In this world of artificial intelligence, It is now more than possible for machines to accurately understand and predict the behavior of buyers on your website or social media account, in this case.

It then simulates human conversation through voice or text chats.

The machines or bots, as they are popularly known, helps you convert regular online users to buyers.

You can ask a chatbot to buy anything in the world at the lowest price and it will do just that.

But, in our case, we want our chatbot to represent the company and converse with customers, build brand awareness and engagement – processes involved in selling our products services. Many businesses are buying into a chatbot. So learning how to build chatbots is sure to pay you now and in the long run.

A popular chatbot service is Manychat.

Article Writing:

Last but not least, we are going to discuss article writing. Many local businesses do not have the time and writing skills to write articles for their websites and blogs.

If you are good at writing, offer writing services to the local businesses.

Remember that a blog requires regular and consistent content to be put out one-three contents per week. With your expertise in this chosen area and your writing skill, you can just as easily charge the business for writing on their blog and promoting their content on other platforms like Quora.

Try to hire a writing assistant online and see how much they charge. This will give you an idea of how much can be made writing articles for local businesses.

article writing

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